Tin Dolphin Mahi Wall Art


Look, I'm gonna be honest. I have a Master's Degree from an Ivy League school, and nothing I ever researched during this tenuous period of study came even close to preparing me for the sheer volume of tin fish I see on any given day in my professional life. Virtual oceans of tin fish each and every day. Ever seen a tin tuna? I have. Tin Norwahl? They're rare, but I've checked it off my bucket list. Tin Bass? Small or large mouthed, Sir? I got 'em right here.

If my expertise and experience in this field mean anything to you, believe me when I tell you this is our prettiest tin fish. By miles. It's lovely. And he does well in the weather too, so long as you keep him out of prolonged direct sunlight, which is not traditionally good for any fish.


Tin Dolphin Mahi Wall Art, Dyed Tin, 35″ x 15″ x 3″, The Finest in Tin Fish

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Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 35 x 15 x 3 in


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