FDL Shaped Pasta


16-ounce bag of Dagostino Fleur de Lis Shaped Pasta

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Cooked al dente in 5 minutes

Carefully crafted using bronze dies and air-dried in wooden cellars, our pasta’s pure taste results from our passion for creating authentic Creole-Italian products right here in Louisiana.

Our Fleur De Lis-shaped pasta is perfect for any gathering, but we highly recommend it for your next tailgate. Excellent for pasta salads or in any dish as a stand-in for macaroni.

For many Louisianans, the Fleur de Lis may symbolize the holy trinity or the rebirth of the Gulf Coast after Katrina. But the rest of the world probably associates it with our beloved New Orleans Saints.

First popular with French royalty, Louisiana adopted the Fleur de Lis during the French occupation, and it now stands on its own as a symbol of our state. So, of course, we made a Fleur de Lis-shaped pasta in tribute!


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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 in

16 Oz


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